The average wedding costs around $20,000.  But, much like a browser history search, the details are embarrassing.  We dive into different areas of your day of nuptials to determine where you might be wasting money and how you can save it for better activities such as snowmobiling, hot air balloon tours, or a trip to Antarctica (say what!?!).

Ceremony and Reception at the Same Location

Figure out your priorities here.  Are you determined to get married in a church?  Many churches offer event space inside as well as on their grounds.  Do you want a memorable reception location?  Chances are there are fun and creative ways to create a ceremony that is beautiful no matter what the location is.  Nothing kills the mood from the ceremony to the reception better than traffic; particularly when it’s your party that has created the traffic due to the mass exodus from your ceremony location to the reception.  Give yourself and your guests a break and leave the cars parked.



Your wedding ceremony is very special and you don’t want to skimp…on sentimentality.  Your relationship has never required live music, gold plated stuff, professional speakers, or expensive white rugs to get this far right?  Right???  Ok, good.  Talk to your friends about stepping up with a preselected poem or, preferably, one they wrote specifically for the occasion.  Live music is awesome, but chances are you have a friend who can rock ten minutes of guitar picking and would be honored to be involved.  Finally, a new trend in modern weddings and, consequently, state laws is to have a friend or family member perform the ceremony.  This is an honor to the person you ask to perform and it means much more to you to have someone who knows and loves you both.  Because of this trend, states have become much more lenient in documentation and even certain states such as Colorado, California, New Mexico, and more don’t require any documentation from the person performing the ceremony.  That said, you can jump on countless websites to get ordained for free.  Many of which allow you to choose your own title such as “Reverend,” “Pastor,” “Jedi,” “Ninja Assassin,” and so on.  No, seriously, you can; that’s just an extra perk to whomever you ask to perform.  Be sure to double check with the state where your wedding will be so as to avoid entering into a sham marriage unintentionally; that’s the sort of thing you’d only want to do intentionally.


You’d have to be (expensively) drunk to agree to pay for a hosted bar at $6/drink!  When picking a venue, choose one that allows BYOB.  This might sound crazy but many venues operate in such a way as long as the alcohol is delivered a day or two prior to the reception and is served by a venue-approved service team.  Want to save even more money while providing a super unique experience?  Purchase one (or more) of the exclusive VEBO experience: Winemaking Incl. 30 Bottles to Keep.  Not only do you get 30 bottles of wine for a ridiculously tasty price, but you also get to make it and create your own personalized label.  Something like “Marry-tage” or “Good Day for a Blanc Wedding” or “Cummerbund Chianti” or “Prenup Pinot.”


That’s it!  Any other ideas for saving money on your wedding day?  How about other cool titles your officiant to hold for your sacred vow?