In Volume #1 we talked about your ceremony as well as alcohol.  Now let’s dive into the venue of your choice as well as food for creative ways to save on the most expensive important day of your life.



Everybody wants a beautiful setting for their special day but you don’t have to break the bank to have that fairy-tale wedding venue.  Creative solutions include outdoor weddings, such as at a city park, or a state park.  Many such rentals average around $100/day, though will likely require each car to pay the standard fees for entry into the park.  Also keep in mind that while a venue may be complimentary, such as in a hotel, they require a minimum purchase of food and beverage which will raise your bill to above $100/person.  Instead, search for venues that allow for more flexible options.  Art galleries and other unique venues can be a creative solution.


Day of the Week

If you have a little flexibility in your scheduling (unlike people who had to get married on 11/11/11) then you can save a significant amount of money on your venue and catering.  Popular wedding venues often charge 50% less when booking on Friday or Sunday.  The reason for this is because Americans typically want to get married on a Saturday so the venues surge pricing on those days while hustling to fill the other days.  Plus, if you’re a #VEBOcouple then you’re not one to fall into the crowd, so book that Friday wedding and enjoy a stress-free, post-wedding weekend.



We challenge you to think of a wedding meal that truly was memorable (in a good way).  It just doesn’t happen!  No one walks away from a wedding saying “wow, that was a delicious meal; it was definitely worth the $130 per person they spent.”  There are a few assumed rules here that you must overcome.  First, you don’t have to include food.  You just don’t, it’s a party and if you tell people in the invitations that food will not be served then they will adjust accordingly.  Second, if you include food, it doesn’t have to be a plated meal.  Consider hiring food trucks or setting up various stations.  A food bar sponsored by Chipotle would be epic and you can bet your guests will be very happy, especially if you fork up the cash for $1.95 guacamole.  Just remind yourself that this special day isn't special because of the food offerings; your friends and family already know that.


With the month of May upon us wedding season is creeping up quickly but it’s not too late to save a few bucks on your wedding; and maybe put that towards a European honeymoon