We’re moving into wedding season for many regions and it’s not too late to save a few bucks on yours.  Here are a few quick solutions to save on the big day.


It’s simple economics, when the demand goes up, so does the price.  Therefore, understand the seasonality of your wedding location to select your wedding date.  We’re not telling you to get married during “mud season” in the Rockies and risk the rarely publicized ugliness of nature but getting closer to those dates can save you loads of money.  An easy way to search this is to do a hotel availability search in Kayak.  If you look month-by-month in the region you’d like to have the wedding you’ll see surge pricing on certain weeks and weekends showing you when supply on hotel rooms is slim which means higher prices.  Often times there’s a sharp falloff in business at the very end of a busy season as which time you can capitalize on a perfect marriage of weather and price.


Photobooths at weddings are a pretty well-established trend these days but when a professional photographer is setting it up for you it’s likely to cost $500+.  There are a couple of creative workarounds for this.  For starters, everyone has a high-quality camera in their pocket in modern times so just encourage people to use their fancy phones to take photos.  Then, setup a free Google Photos album which everyone can upload to.  Where do you get the funny hats and stuff?  Throw $50 at the task and assign it to one of the groomsmen and bridesmaids to run to a Party City or the like.  Another option is to employ an aspiring photography student from a local college.  Pay him/her $100 so it’s officially a paid gig to get under the belt while you benefit from a fine camera and someone to handle the job.

The Wedding Dress

How dare we challenge the tradition of a gorgeous wedding dress!  Well, we aren’t suggesting you don’t wear a dress for your wedding.  We also aren’t suggesting that said dress is not gorgeous, of course it should be!  What we’re saying is that there is naturally a premium in price associated to any item of clothing that uses the adjective “wedding” in its title.  Therefore, shop for a gorgeous white dress that will make you feel like it’s the wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of, just not the price tag that gives you nightmares.  Rest assured that you, as the bride, will still be the only person wearing a white dress at this wedding (well, maybe the flower girl(s) too but that’s adorably allowed).

There are tons of creative ways to make the wedding that you deserve with a price tag you can afford.  Read our other tips on how to have an affordable wedding and use that extra cash for your home or, better yet, experiences!