July in Nevada is inherently hot, but we’ve teased out a few optional events this month that will hopefully keep you cool.

Artown (July 1st – 31st)

The month of July transforms the city of Reno into Artown for the 23rd year in a row.  Over the month-long event there will be over 500 events, exhibits, and workshops with the majority of those events free to the public.  Opening Night and the Closing Night Celebrations will be held at Wingfield Park.

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51s Baseball and Fireworks Extravaganza (July 4th – 6th)

Minor league baseball still brings the noise with this year’s 51s Fourth of July celebration following their game against El Paso.  Ditch the strip and go to Cashman Field where you can enjoy some minor league play.  It’s rare to get great tickets to fireworks games at a cheaper price but this is really a great opportunity to do just that as tickets usually peak at $30.

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Outlander Official Convention (July 13th – 15th)

It used to just be a bunch of nerds at the annual Comic-Con in San Diego that would highlight pop culture-obsessed fans traveling to another city for a chance to meet the stars.  Now, shows like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and even Outlander have developed quite the following justifying such conventions.  Bally’s hosts the event this year to transform you into the 1700’s for geekery and slightly lustful observance of your favorite show.

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Dragon Lights (July 1st – 31st)

The Wilbur D. May Arboretum and Botanical Garden Illuminated will be showing “brand new light sculptures, exciting performances, fun and cultural experience!”  Additionally, the Dragon Lights brings in 39 illuminated displays created by Chinese artisans.  Stage performances will occur twice on weekdays and thrice on weekend nights.

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NBA Summer League (July 6th – 17th)

As is tradition, the NBA Summer League returns to Vegas this July.  It’s a great chance to see some professional basketball from the best players in the world without breaking the bank.  All 30 teams play in the league, and while not all players participate, you’ll definitely see a handful of top-tier players, nonetheless.

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It’s a decent array of events offered this July in Nevada so pick and choose what works best for you!