Welcome to the hot month of July when the international world cheers for futbol, geeks don colorful outfits, and people dance with fish.  Read on for some fun events you should do this July.

FIFA World Cup Viewing Parties (July 1st – July 15th)

The Paley Center for Media has put together a series of theater-sized screens for FIFA World Cup viewing parties.  The fun doesn’t stop there, “for matches that include a Spanish-speaking country you will see the first-rate, Spanish-language coverage from our friends at Telemundo; for all other games enjoy the expertise of FOX Sports.”  In lieu of a USA showing this year (sadly) you have the freedom to cheer for anyone else; we’re pulling for Mexico.

To learn more about FIFA World Cup Viewing Parties click GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLL

July 4th Fireworks Spectacular (July 2nd – 4th)

With the freaking Go-Go’s!  That’s right, if you want Walk Like an Egyptian, or you think Love is a Battlefield, or you know that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun then you’ll be sorely disappointed; none of those songs are the Go-Go’s.  However, if your Lips are Sealed, and you’ve Got the Beat then you will dig this.  Not to mention some sweet patriotic fireworks taking off afterwards.

To learn more about the July 4th Fireworks Spectacular click Go-Go music really makes us dance

San Diego Comic-Con (July 19th – 22nd)

Alright, if you don’t have tickets, then you probably don’t have a prayer of making it into Hall H or anywhere else.  Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning because as the age of super heroes continues to grow (thank you Avengers) and Star Wars continues to have one great movie per year (sorry Solo) the comic-con scene has blown up in every fortunate city to have it.  But no comic celebration is bigger than that of San Diego.  Even if you don’t have tickets, try to grab a patio seat and observe the cosplay that’s blowing up this year.

To learn more about San Diego Comic-Con click Picard > Kirk

Night Dive (July 20th)

The Aquarium of the Pacific is having another Night Dive which is an “adults-only event with local bands rockin’ out right next to the fish.”  Food trucks will be keeping you well fed which a cash bar will keep your dancing loose and kind of fishy.

To learn more about Night Dive click Salt Water Sounds Great…By Salt You Meant Tequila, Right?

California Watermelon Festival (July 28th – 29th)

It’s the 56th Annual California Watermelon Festival!  This is the best time of year for watermelon so why not throw a festival?  This two-day event will have 50+ rides, games, and attractions, plus exhibitors, food vendors, and, wait for it, 43,000 pounds of watermelon!  Events include live bands, all-you-can-eat watermelon (duh), and even watermelon skiing!

To learn more about the California Watermelon Festival click Seed Spittin’

From nerds, to drunken fish, to lots-o-watermelon you’re in for a magical month.