Centerpieces at a wedding reception really add to the ambiance of the event, but when the cost can average around $75/each there seems to be an unnecessary loss associated with simply making tables pretty.  Here are some creative ideas to limit your overall wedding cost without costing the room-feel.


Wine Bottle Vases

If you’re anything like the VEBO team, you make your way through a bottle or case of wine on a regular frequency.  Try saving those bottles for a few months and documenting the date you drank that wine; perhaps with a special occasion.  Each table will have a unique bottle of wine with a story of your relationship tied to it.  The best part: you were going to drink the wine anyway so the bottle is essentially free, and the spout can only fit so many stems, which means you’ll only be paying for one or two flowers with greenery per centerpiece.


Floating Candles

For some reason people are fascinated with floating candles.  Does that mean we take the buoyancy of wood for granted now?  Actually, it’s probably the coexistence of fire and water that people are more mesmerized by; regardless of the reason, people will be impressed with a small investment in floating candles enough to overlook the fact that they only cost about $1/each on Amazon.  Pair those with some flower petals you can buy in bulk for cheap at most florists and tall vases that are only $5/each on Amazon and you’ve got some awesome centerpieces for under $10/each.


Vase and Candle

Less is more is the trend in modern weddings and that can’t be represented any better than in this simple yet elegant option.  It’s as easy as the title implies: affordable candle pillars at $2.50/each; put inside a square vase at about $7/each.  This look is capitalized by a fine place setting with water glass, wine glass and either a rustic table or pure white tablecloth.  The simplicity of this setup will give your reception a deceptively luxurious feel without breaking the bank.


Mason Jar and Leaves

Rocking a fall wedding?  Embrace the season with mason jars and artificial leaves.  Surround it with affordable votive candles and you’ve got a seasonally appropriate and ambient centerpiece that will keep money in your pocket.  Either use mason jars you’ve undoubtedly accumulated over the years or make a small investment on some for less than $2/each.  As for the fake leaves (and trust us, you’ll want fake leaves) they’re cheap, very cheap.


Candle Holders Holding Flowers

Who says a candle holder should only hold candles?  This option is deceivingly affordable because the elegance of the candle holders with a lone rose feels so high-class your guests won’t think twice about what minimal investment it required.  A quick search on our favorite online retailer (that isn’t VEBO, of course) gives us great options including this set of two for $20.  The beauty of this, is that these candle holders only require a single flower, so splurging on a couple dozen roses shouldn’t cost more than $25, bringing your total cost to under $12 per centerpiece; not too shabby.


Beach in a Glass

Have a certain affinity for the beach?  Maybe you two met on one, took your first trip together to one, or you just like the sound of the ocean heard in a seashell.  Whatever your reason, this super easy option requires you to purchase some wide vases, put some sand in, and add a few seashells on top.  The best part is if you are near a beach or you have friends or family who are, get some kids to collect shells for you limiting the amount of work you have to do.


Everyone wants a beautiful wedding but finding the beauty in simple and creative ways is often more powerful than just throwing a bag of money at a venue that uses the same tired centerpieces event after event.  Any other great ideas for affordable wedding centerpieces?