Building a Relationship of Experiences

#VEBOcouple Ellie and Chad have always gifted experiences to each other for special events. VEBO was a perfect fit.

Ellie and Chad are both very young. Ellie is a ballet teacher and Chad is a sound and audio technician. They are both outgoing and very involved in the performing arts. Loving the outdoors, they would never say no to a hike or a camping trip. The most memorable dates include spending days at a lake trying to wind surf, learning to do aerial silks together, dining at dinner detective, exploring a different city, countless nights at the drive-in, and many more. Ellie and Chad both see the positive effects of building their relationship together with new experiences.



“My husband and I chose VEBO because we love doing things together from skiing to boating. We first chose the hot air balloon ride because it was on our bucket list. We both loved the Idea of enjoying experiences, from winemaking to glassblowing, more than gifts.”


“Many of these experiences included interesting ways to learn something new! It was difficult to pick only a few experiences when VEBO has so many great options! Also, the charity we picked helps support our troops. I was really excited about that.”


  • Hot Air Balloon Flight

    Just 30 minutes from both Denver or Estes Park, enjoy spectacular views of the majestic Rocky Mountains over beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  This daily hot air balloon flight offers a year round change of scenery including mountain ranges, plains,...Read more

  • Glass Blowing – Shot Glass

    The glass blowing experience is great for adventurous and artsy couples.  Come as a couple to create a one of a kind unique shot glass in your wedding colors.  This hands on experience gives each person a unique opportunity to create their own s...Read more

  • Winemaking Incl. 30 Bottles to Keep

    Winemaking is an ease with the guidance of Wine and Whey. The Winemaking package allows the couple to select a style of grape to make (like Cabernet, Merlot, Moscato, Pinot Gri to name a few) and get the juices flowing right on site! Together lear...Read more

Loving life outdoors

#VEBOcouple Brynja and Jason enjoy creating memories with friends and family and are constantly looking for new things to do.

Jason and Brynja met playing volleyball and quickly realized they wanted to spend a significant amount of time together outdoors. Enjoying experiences with family and friends is huge for the couple. Before they got married,they enjoyed so many great activities in Colorado. Their intention is to continue to experience life with family and friends. The “Join Us” option for VEBO experiences helped them already have group events planned for after the wedding.



“We chose to do VEBO because we wanted to have amazing memories with each other and with friends! We already owned most of the traditional home gifts you get for your wedding so this was something exciting to do instead!”


“Our favorites dates were the hot air balloon ride and snowmobiling. The hot air balloon ride was something for the two of us that we would have never done on our own. Snowmobiling was a blast because we got to do this with a group of our friends and made a weekend trip out of it. Amazing memories from both!”


  • Hot Air Balloon Flight

    Just 30 minutes from both Denver or Estes Park, enjoy spectacular views of the majestic Rocky Mountains over beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  This daily hot air balloon flight offers a year round change of scenery including mountain ranges, plains,...Read more

  • Snowmobile Tour in Winter Park

    The most popular snowmobile tour in the state is also Grand County’s only adventure tour to the Continental Divide. The snowmobile tour is for all abilities on wide regularly groomed trails. We follow the Historic “Moffat” railroad route to ...Read more


#VEBOcouple James and Deanna had spent their three years of dating trying to outdo each other by planning ever-more elaborate surprise dates.

From Snowshoe dinner dates to learning to make sushi with a private chef. They love experiences and were ecstatic when they registered with VEBO. Now they could leave the planning to someone else.



“Seven years after college, we both already had most of the household goods we needed. Our dating life has been full of adventure, and we didn’t want that to stop after marriage. The process was easy and many guests commented that they loved buying us experiences.”


“We needed a few items, like new linens and decor for our new house, so we created a small registry at Crate & Barrel. But overall we knew that we wanted to create memories together more than we wanted to collect more things, so we used VEBO as our main registry.”


  • Olympic Style Sword Fighting

    About Olympic Style Sword Fighting
    Experience sword play with Olympic style blades. All equipment included. Enjoy instruction in a group setting. Fun for all ages. -Athletic, exciting, and physical so be prepared with athletic clothing, good...Read more

  • Cheese Making – Private Class

    The private cheese making experience is perfect for the just married couple learning how to surprise each other with home made meals. The hands on cheese making experience will give you the knowledge and skills in making stretchy mozzarella and sw...Read more


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November 2019
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July 2021
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June 2020
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November 2020
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March 2020
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June 2020
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May 2021
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October 2020



VEBO is a wedding gift website for modern couples who prefer unique gifts of experiences.

VEBO is an online gift registry that was founded on the belief that happiness comes from shared experiences with loved ones. Happiness is experiencing things, not owning things. VEBO's motto is "Collect Moments, Not Things."

VEBO couples skip the toasters, linens and china, and instead register for wedding gift ideas such as cooking classes, couples massages, rafting and brewery tours.

VEBO features thousands of experiences domestically and internationally. These include unique wedding gift ideas like sword fighting lessons, winemaking and bike to farm dinners. Experiences make the best wedding gifts as they create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Registering with VEBO, the new alternative wedding registry, is an investment in the happiness of your marriage.