Welcome to Avian Flight Center, your full-service FBO and flight school at Bremerton National Airport.

Fly An Airplane In The Pacific Northwest

Fly An Airplane In The Pacific Northwest

$145 { PER COUPLE}

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An Introductory Flight Lesson In A C-172 That Includes Pre-flight Inspection, Takeoff, & Beginning Flight Maneuvers


Discover the pilot within on a Discovery Flight with Avian Flight Center in Bremerton, WA!

Before takeoff you'll meet with your instructor at the beautiful flight center and get a look at the operations of a small airport. Next you'll go over a thorough pre-flight briefing and inspection of the aircraft to ensure safe operations in the air.

Once the aircraft is ready, you'll learn the basics of starting an aircraft, taxiing to the runway, and radio communications on the ground. Ready for takeoff? You will take the controls on an assisted takeoff. You'll climb out to experience the thrill of flight and view the beauty of the Pacific Northwest from a few thousand feet in the air.

Learning to fly is a challenging yet equally rewarding experience that you won't forget.


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