Tadpole Pedicabs is the new sensation in tourism. Unlike traditional pedicabs, we put you in the front of the cab and we pedal behind you!

Pedicab Brewery Tour

Pedicab Brewery TourPedicab Brewery TourPedicab Brewery Tour

$105 { PER COUPLE}


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Pedicab brewery tour with Tadpole Pedicabs in Fort Collins.


Malt, Water, Hops and Yeast: The building blocks of beer!

Fort Collins is one of the biggest meccas for craft beer brewing and Tadpole Pedicabs want to share it with you and your partner. Explore one of the top rated beer cities in America on the Pedicab Brewery Tour! Take an opportunity to kickback and relax in one of the state-of-the-art pedicabs as you explore the breweries that put Fort Collins on the map for craft beer! The tour guides are well versed in all things beer. Whether you just want a few facts about beer, a whole course in Craft Beer Appreciation 101, or just a comedy performance from the driver. Its all up to you!

Tadpole's change the pedicab game completely. Tadpoles are build with the passengers sitting in front of the driver allowing for a better viewing experience and better driver communication. Driver's eyes never leave the road either keeping you safe! Each cab is equipped with shock support and electric assist engine to ensure you get to your destination quickly and comfortably so you have more time to enjoy the most important part of the tour, THE BEER!

The Pedicab Brewery Tour consists of a trip to three different breweries you want to visit and they will build a schedule to make sure you maximize your time at each brewery.  The tour is 3 hours long allowing approximately 45 minutes at each brewery, but the time can vary depending on your interests. Drivers are willing to accompany you in to the brewery and show you a bit of the brewery or you can simply explore for yourself.


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