Welcome to the first ever official Happy Hour Guitar class we call Strum & Sip™!

Guitar Lessons and Wine

Guitar Lessons and WineGuitar Lessons and WineGuitar Lessons and Wine
Strum & Sip - Colorado

$138 { PER COUPLE}

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Four-1 hour group guitar lessons for two.


There's an old saying, "couples that play together stay together" and at Strum & Sip we believe just that!! This guitar lessons and wine experience includes four -1 hour group guitar lessons for two (guitars included). These Happy Hour guitar lessons take place at your local and neighborhood bars every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 6- 9pm. We offer 12 levels of instruction from beginner to advance. At Strum & Sip we pride ourselves on teaching students how to learn guitar in a fun and relaxed environment.

Send your couple on a very unique musical experience that will have them playing their favorite love songs for years to come!


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2 years ago
VEBO Team Review (Joey) - I have had the pleasure of receiving guitar lessons with this company for a year now. The teachers are so great and I consider them all friends. The ones that I have worked with are professional musicians outside of this class so they know what they're talking about! The group format is nice because you can make friends with the other students and, trust me, the kind of people who want to play guitar and drink alcohol while learning are the kind of people you want to hang out with! My class is at Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery in RiNo (Denver) which is an awesome venue but they have other locations as well. Stick around for one month and you'll be hooked for a year+ just like I was! Strum, sip, repeat!
1 year ago
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