To use VEBO Ticketing simply add the desired events to your VEBO Registry and use the funds accrued to go to your favorite events.
VEBO does not charge any percentage or fee to the couples. Experience partners are required to list their experience at or below retail value, and they pay VEBO a sales commission.
Experience vouchers never expire. However, some experience providers may change their offering over time. If the experience is no longer offered, the full amount of the voucher will be credited to the user’s e-wallet.
Couples may not receive cash refunds, but they may exchange the gift for full credit towards other active VEBO experiences. VEBO experiences never expire. To exchange, log into your VEBO account and find the experience either on "our registry" or "gift tracker". You'll see an option to exchange. After confirming the exchange, the value of your voucher will be placed in your ewallet. You can use those funds toward any other VEBO experience.
Please watch the video which shows you a step-by-step process in how to add VEBO to your "The Knot" site.
Please watch the video which shows you how to modify your email preferences with VEBO.
Please watch the video which shows you how to complete "partial purchases" with your VEBO account.
Please watch the video which shows you how to send a "thank you" note to your guests through VEBO.
VEBO offers certain vouchers that are date-specific, including vouchers for ticketed events. In these cases, the selected date(s) will be listed on the voucher, and you can only redeem the voucher on this date. The owner is not allowed to return, reschedule or exchange vouchers for date-specific activities. If the date-specific event is rescheduled by the experience provider, the owner will have the option of keeping the voucher for the rescheduled date, or exchanging for a credit towards other active VEBO experiences. If the event is cancelled, the owner will automatically receive a credit towards other active VEBO experiences.
VEBO was launched in the beautiful state of Colorado in 2014. Since then, we have expanded to the west coast and southwest. Most of our experience offerings are based in those states, while we do have many experiences in Central America, South America, Alaska, and even Antarctica! Your home address is hardly a restriction to where your dreams may take you so if you see experiences that look fun to you then we encourage you to create a registry.
Please see the terms and conditions and view the details listed within the experience on your online VEBO Gift Tracker. Experience providers list restrictions and requirements within the details of their experience offer.
Before redeeming, always pull up the experience in your VEBO Gift Tracker to see the latest guidelines on scheduling and redeeming. Some experiences can be scheduled online directly through your Gift Tracker. Bring copy of the voucher and personal identification with you.
Please watch the video which explains how "Gift Tracker" works on your VEBO Couple's Account.
Please watch the video which explains how you can deactivate your VEBO Couple's Account.
Please watch the video which explains how to add experiences to your VEBO registry.