Although getting married and being in a wedding can be very expensive and time-consuming, the guests attending those weddings are likely spending a lot of money as well. As a guest, you probably have more than one wedding this season, and the outfits and gifts for multiple events can add up quickly! If you know you have a few weddings to attend this year, consider these options to help you budget all of the ones you have RSVP’d “yes!” to.

Rent Your Outfit

Budgeting money is all about being prepared and planning ahead of time! If you know you have a few weddings coming up, consider using a clothing rental site to save money and easily have your outfit set in stone.



A lot of women buy a dress for a wedding, shoot an Instagram picture, and never wear the piece of clothing again. Not only is this not smart for your wallet, but it’s also not sustainable either! Try Fashion Pass to get unlimited, monthly clothing and accessory rentals so you are prepared for the wedding season ahead! This way, you can save money and have an on-trend outfit to wear to every event you have to attend.



For men, suits are often the easy go-to outfit when it comes to weddings. If you have a series of weddings coming up, utilize Generation Tux to rent a suit or tuxedo. This may be the smartest decision you can make. Simply choose a neutral-colored suit and switch up the shirt, tie, or pocket square to freshen up your look for the next wedding!

Shop Smart

Besides the outfit, makeup and hair can be a costly part of prepping for a wedding. There are a few ways for women and men to budget their look by shopping smart for all of the required products.



Getting makeup and hair tools shipped to your door monthly is a great way to inspire a new look and save money on regular purchases of products you use daily. Subscriptions for beauty boxes are a savvy way to find new products you love and save money! You will have a package at your door, every month, just in time for your upcoming wedding with fun new items to try out in our beauty routine.



One of the most important areas of a man’s look apart from his outfit is his facial hair! Be prepared for every wedding by having razors and shave products sent to your house every month. You won’t have to worry about shaving in a rush with a dull, old razor and risk nicking your skin before a big event. Plus, razors can be expensive, so considering them part of your monthly bills with a subscription box will make the purchase of them less painful.

Get Creative

When it comes to buying the newlyweds a gift to celebrate their marriage, there’s a lot to consider and we have a few budget-friendly routes to take.


Just like those in the wedding, setting up a spending budget is crucial. If a close friend is getting married and you have to attend a bridal shower, bachelorette, and/or the bachelor party, then you should adjust your spending accordingly. All of these events require gifts or other money spent, so it’s okay to adjust your wedding gift budget to reflect the money you’ve spent in other areas of the wedding festivities.

This is why VEBO’s “partial purchase” option can be beneficial in your budgeting process.

Supporting friends and family during wedding season is important yet expensive.  Utilize these tips to make the most out of your time and your pocketbook.