Surrounded by glaciers, national parks, an abundance of wildlife and pristine waters, Anchorage Alaska, is a nature lovers ultimate destination. It’s common to see moose grazing out in the green spaces around the region. In Chugach Range, a huge wilderness area, you can find moose along with bear, wolves, mountain goats and tons of bird species. Anchorage also has over 135 miles of biking trails, serous cyclists never run out of space to explore.
Because of the vastness of the terrain and outdoor life to explore, Anchorage offers many exhilarating ways to see the sights. Go flightseeing, rent an ATV, ride a bike, or just go for a hike.

    Fishing is a huge part of life here. Voted one of America’s best fishing cities, Anchorage offers numerous rivers, lakes, and streams for the avid angler. They are known to be a hot spot for catching rainbow trout, halibut, and salmon.


    Glaciers shaped this region and there are plenty of them to explore. Visitors can check out Prince William Sound. You can also view Portage Valley—one of the area’s most visited glaciers. It is ten stories tall and can be accessed by boat.


    One of the country’s biggest state parks, Chugach composed of the Chugach mountains and a national forest encompasses more than 60 glaciers and 9000+ square miles of pure outdoor adventure. Lined with trailheads, glacial waterways, and endless hiking venues, this is a must-do while in Anchorage.

  • Winters are frigid and the days are short. On the shortest day of the year (December 21st), the sun rises at 1:22 PM.

  • Some experts suggest visiting in late spring to avoid the crowds. May highs are in the mid-50s and this is the time that many of the tours start running for the short summer season.

  • Summer is easily the best (and busiest) time to visit. Daily highs are only in the mid-60s but after a long winter, the city is alive with events and activities.

  • Very early fall can be a decent time to visit, but the area cools quickly. October highs are only 40 degrees and many of the activities shut down for the season.