Beginning as a prominent mining town, today Bisbee invites tourists to travel back to those historic mining times. With tours of the Copper Queen Mine among others, guests get to see a small glimpse of what life was like in a late 19th century Arizona town.
The town itself is an eclectic blend of old meets new. Its fabulous dining venues, markets and shops have a modern flair, while the “ghost town” aspect that many come to Bisbee to experience really does transport visitors back to those saloon and wild west days—they even offer walking tours designed to show you what a miner’s life (both during and after hours)—was like.

    The heart of the town, Old Bisbee take tourists from Main Street into Tombstone Canyon. Spend the day walking and exploring. Head down Brewery Gulch, or stop by the Historical Museum and get even more insight into the area’s past.


    Make no mistake about it, Bisbee is a mining town through and through. Guests who come here, do so to experience that quintessential taste of the past that we often see in movies and television. The Queen Mine is the most popular draw. Also you can venture into some of the surrounding Cochise County caverns and caves for incredible views of stalactites and stalagmites.


    Here, it is all about the abundance of minerals buried deep in the earth. The area was once dubbed “Queen of the Copper Camps.” A byproduct of all that copper, a turquoise known as Bisbee Blue, also became quite a popular product for the region.

  • Other parts of Arizona tend to be more popular during the state's "winter" months. Highs are only in the mid-50s.

  • Spring is mild and dry. April daily highs are in the low-70s with almost no rain. Spring is the driest season of the year.

  • July and August are warm (averaging high-80s) but also the wettest months of the year. Summers are relatively busy as the higher elevation means relatively cooler temps than other Arizona cities.

  • Fall is a good time to visit. It is also dry and October has highs in the 70s.