With Jerome, it is all about their location. Situated in the Black Hills and in the midst of the Prescott National Forest, there is enough nature here to keep the most active outdoorsperson busy. Not to mention, within just 3-4 miles are Mingus Mountain, Woodchute Wilderness and the Verde Valley, making for some all-around incredible sites, exciting nature adventures and a host of recreational activities.
As far as art and culture, there are plenty of both here. Boasting two museums, a handful of art galleries and a number of cute little shops, visitors can certainly get their fill of the art-and-craft side of life in Jerome.

    One of the more popular attractions here, the Sliding Jail was originally located at a much higher elevation. Given the area’s many mining shafts, the structure destabilized and proceeded to slide down over 200 feet to where it is today, still largely intact.


    While there isn’t a huge number of restaurants in the town, there is a lot of imagination and creativity put into the menus. From BBQ to Mexican, they serve up their food, in their flavorful way.


    Located right in the city limits, the Jerome State Historic Park is centered around the Douglas Mansion. The Mansion’s key focus is the region’s mining past. The mansion itself was actually designed as both a residence and a hotel for miners and investors passing through.

  • The winters are mild, but also a little cooler than many other Arizona cities. The elevation is just over 5,000 feet, which keeps all seasons a bit cooler.

  • Spring is the dry season and Jerome's weather is nearly perfect (60s to 70s with lots of sunshine).

  • Summer is hot, but certainly tolerable. July tops out near 90 degrees.

  • October is a beautiful month with great weather. Highs are in the 70s and this makes for a great time to explore the area.