The fifth most populous city in the nation, Phoenix is a huge draw for tourists and prospective residents alike. It is a distinctive urban mecca with an expansive desert vibe. The Sonoran Desert tends to wrap the entire region in a sense of tranquility and ancestry, as red rock buttes, mountains and canyons are all within driving distance. Those who come to Phoenix do so for the abundant outdoor activities and also for the energetic and contemporary city scene which offers amazing restaurants, museums, art and entertainment.
Phoenix is also most definitely a sports town. From the Arizona D’backs to the Phoenix Suns to the Cardinals, they have every sport you could possibly want to watch. And with venues like Chase Field, the University of Phoenix Stadium and the Talking Stick Resort Arena, fans can really relax and enjoy the game.
You certainly can’t leave out Arizona State. The acclaimed PAC-12 university is spread across five campuses throughout the Greater Phoenix area. A leading research institute, ASU is one of the largest college systems in the nation. The Sun Devils have won 23 national championships in over half a dozen sports.
  • GOLF

    The Phoenix area has an abundance of golf options. Golfing is popular from early fall to late spring. Summer golfers tend to schedule tee times away from the high temps (early morning or late tee times).


    There are several thousand restaurants in the Phoenix Metro Area, making this city one of the most restaurant saturated in the US. Mexican food has huge roots in the region and there are many authentic places in which to try some.


    Phoenix is one of the few cities that has exactly one of the major sports teams. Since the city has a lot of transplants, many people attend sporting events to cheer on the visiting teams.


    Phoenix certainly has some tremendous hiking spots. The world-renown Camel Back Mountain is northeast of the city and stands at 1400 ft at its tallest point. So named because of its shape, hundreds of thousands of people hike it yearly. Papago Park is another great place to explore. With over 1200 acres, the park offers visitor numerous great sights, to include the can’t-miss hole-in-the-rock.


    Hundreds of thousands visit the garden each year. The highlight: the sheer number of cactus species. Sizes colors and shapes like most have rarely had the opportunity to see. It consists of 140 acres featuring over 20,000 types of plant life.


    The Phoenix Zoo is the largest non-profit zoo in the country. Situated on 125 acres, it is a huge attraction. With the highly popular Stingray Bay and the guided tour via Safari Train the zoo is certainly a beloved part of Phoenix’s history.

  • Winters are beautifully mild. Temps only top out around 70 degrees and Phoenix is dry year-round.

  • Spring is very popular for visiting. Tourists come for spring training and to get a jump start on their summer activities (lots of golf).

  • Unlike most US cities, residents come inside during the (incredibly hot) summers. Phoenix does have plenty of indoor entertainment to accommodate.

  • Falls are still warm, but not nearly as much as the summers. October highs reach the upper-80s with a lot of sun.