Most definitely a mix of old and new, Tucson brings visitors back to its old west roots, while also offering them the best of modern conveniences and amenities. Set in the Sonoran Desert, the city is surrounded by beautiful vistas, the legendary saguaro cacti, and plenty of history. You can take a horseback ride or even go on a cattle drive here. It’s all about experiencing what life was like for this region once upon a time.
And when you’re in the mood for a more modern form of relaxation, you can visit one of the city’s many spas, resorts, shopping centers and restaurants. Tucson was actually designated a World City of Gastronomy, so you know that the food has to be innovative, and of course delicious. As it is home to the University of Arizona, Tucson also prides itself on its underlying college town vibe.

    Members of the PAC-12, the Wildcats have a tremendous athletic reputation. A staple in March Madness, the basketball team has reached the final four 4 times, winning the National Championship in 1997. As far as football, they’ve played in 21 bowl games and have established themselves as a powerhouse in the conference.


    Amazing to behold, the Biosphere 2 offers tours of a one-of-a-kind living research center—something most people will otherwise never get to experience. Essentially, it houses a mini-world. Taking up approximately 3 football fields, the Biosphere has its own rainforest and even an ocean.


    For those outdoor adventurists the city has a ton of fun and exciting activities in which to participate. Golf is huge here, and with some of the states finest fairways, it’s no wonder. Biking and hiking are also extremely popular. Check out the desert trails, traverse some really neat canyons and even venture toward an abandoned stag coach station.

  • FOOD

    As mentioned, the city really is into its food. Restaurants in town feature two James Beard Award winners and the city was recently named the Southwest’s Next Foodie Destination. Cuisine in Tucson is most definitely cutting edge.

  • Winters are mild and dry. Temps reach the upper-60s. If visiting in the winter, consider checking out a University of Arizona men's basketball game.

  • Spring is the dry season. April highs hover around the lower-80s. Tucson has several festivals in the spring.

  • Summer is very hot. Average daily highs are around 100 degrees. It is technically the rainy season as well.

  • Fall dries and cools, with October highs averaging 85 degrees. Fall Saturdays center around the University of Arizona football games.