Idaho Springs is an old mining town that sits alongside Clear Creek about 30 miles west of Denver. The most identifiable symbols include the Charlie Taylor Waterwheel to the south, and to the north is the Argo mine, which was formerly a gold mine during the Colorado gold rush. Argo is now a tourist attraction opened year-round.

Idaho Springs is a perfect stop for people driving from Denver to many of the Colorado ski resorts that sit along I-70. The historic main street is aptly named Miner Street. People passing through love to explore the local shops, restaurants, and bars.

Idaho Springs has plenty of options for adventure. The most popular are rafting, kayaking, ATVs, and zip-lining.

    Clear Creek is one of the most technical rafting rivers in the world. The rafting is super fun, but not the best for beginners. This is unlike many rivers where you get a quick burst of rapids, and then miles of downtime. Clear Creek is non-stop action and a half-day trip is plenty. Consider stopping by Indian Hot Springs to relax after.


    Idaho Springs has done a terrific job of maintaining and promoting its history. The town includes nine nationally registered historic places.


    Idaho Springs is a pit stop (of the most wonderful kind) for travelers so it is loaded with great options for food and drink. The original Beau Jo’s pizza is locally famous. One of our favorites is Westbound & Down (try the Reuben). Beer drinkers should stop by Tommyknocker Brewery. For those who prefer something stronger, stop by Bouck Brothers Distilling.


    Take a walk around Miner Street and explore many locally-owned shops. We recommend The Soap Shop, where they create their own soap and bath products. Also, drop in the various boutiques and antique stores.

  • Winters are frigid-cold, but busy with stopover traffic from skiers. Daily highs are in the mid-20s with lows in the single digits. Idaho Springs gets a good amount of snow (300 inches) each year.

  • Spring is the wet (AKA "mud") season. Temps are cold with a lot of snow.

  • Summer is really the only time of year where Idaho Springs is a destination in itself. Early summer is ideal for rafting, as water levels are high from snow melt-off. Summer highs only get into the mid-60s.

  • Falls are cold... you're probably thinking "is it always cold in Idaho Springs?" The town is in a canyon and the mountains on each side shield it from getting much sun.