What needs to be said about the gambling capital of the universe. Located in the middle of the Mojave Desert, the city that never sleeps plays host to over 40 million tourists each year. The most famed “Strip” in the country features of course world-class casinos, along with numerous restaurants, bars, shops and live shows. Some of the most famous stars in the world have played Vegas and/or hold Vegas residencies. From Celine Deon to Elvis Presley, the town is all about the biggest and brightest headliners on the planet.
Beyond the glitz and glamour of the strip, Vegas is also a great place to come and experience the best of Nevada’s outdoor life. There’s plenty of opportunities to hike. The Valley of Fire offers amazing rock formations and beautiful desert landscapes. While just a short ride to Red Rock Canyon provides some equally breathtaking sights, Visitors also enjoy helicopter rides over the city and nearby scenic areas, and of course, there’s access to world class golf within proximity to the city.

    Most do come to Vegas for the casinos. And even if they don’t, almost everyone ventures into a casino at one point. Among the most notable: Caesars Palace, the Bellagio, MGM Grand and the Golden Nugget. Celebrity-owned eateries are easy to find along the strip and in the casinos as well. Open 24/7, the Las Vegas Strip is all about the casino vibe.


    One of the great things about the city is that it is so close to some of the state’s most amazing outdoor attractions. Lake Mead is within a 40-minute drive, while Red Rock Canyon is only about 30 minutes away. So tourists in the area can enjoy boating, swimming, fishing as well as hiking and biking to their heart’s content.


    Las Vegas has some of the biggest events in the world. From boxing title fights to rock concerts to headlining acts, Las Vegas has an unforgettable event for any taste.


    This is in many ways the heart of the city. As it is an entertainment district that offers so much to do and see, millions flock to Fremont Street every year. You can check out the world’s largest slot machine, a zombie maze, and live performances just about every night.


    Vegas has tons of retail shops and centers. One of the newest, the LINQ Promenade, is actually an open air attraction that is something of a cross between a mall and an amusement park. With everything from the tallest observation wheel in the world to a zipline, this is a must-visit when in Vegas.

  • Vegas is a four-season destination. Winters are rather mild, but still busy with events. New Year's and Super Bowl weekend are two major events to plan around. Winter is also a good time to check out a hockey game with the new-to-the-NHL Vegas Golden Knights.

  • Spring and fall are our favorite seasons in Vegas. Most of the pools open in April, as temps climb towards 80 degrees. The opening weekend of March Madness (NCAA Basketball) is a fun weekend for the sports lovers.

  • Summers are really hot. The casinos are incredibly well air conditioned (of course), so people generally beat the 100+ degree temps at the tables or at the pools.

  • Falls are much more comfortable than summers for playing outside. The pools generally close down in mid-October.