The state capital, Carson City has been undergoing something of a revitalization over the past decade or so. They do however still prize their historic status. With numerous museums and buildings that harken the city’s past, Carson City could definitely be called a mix of old and new.
The downtown is liable to transport visitors back to the grandeur and prestige of the capitol city’s heyday. While outdoor adventure is also easy to find here. With a number of parks in proximity as well as a few of the beautiful beaches of Lake Tahoe, Carson City gives visitors plenty by way of hiking, biking and water sports. You also definitely want to take a walk along the Kit Carson Trail for a lovely look at some of the city’s key points.

    Of course, a city with a historic past is going to offer some insightful and interesting museums. Among the more popular: The Nevada State Railroad Museum, The Nevada State Museum and the Bowers Mansion: home of a one-time prominent silver mine owner; the venue provides tourists with a look inside a miner’s mansion.


    With several restaurants, the city’s cuisine is probably best described as eclectic with that hometown flair. As far as the beverage scene in Carson City, they are home to Nevada’s longest running brewery, aptly named the Carson Brewing Company.


    Some of Lake Tahoe’s most popular beaches are located in portions of the city. A local favorite is Chimney Beach, while Sand Harbor offers inviting coves from which you can swim, explore, even scuba dive if you’re so inclined.

  • Winter is the rainy season, but it is still fairly dry. Daily highs only reach the upper-40s and it is the slowest of the seasons for tourism.

  • Late spring is very mild and sunny. Temps reach the 70s with very little rain.

  • With only 11 inches of annual rainfall, the entire year is dry. However, summer is the driest of the seasons, averaging less than an inch of rain for the entire season. July tops out at about 90 degrees.

  • Falls are mild and sunny, with daily highs in the upper-60s.