Just south of Vegas, Lake Mead is the largest water reservoir in the US. It was formed as a result of the Hoover Dam and has since become a hot spot for many who flock to Arizona for some fun in the sun. For the outdoor lover, this is definitely the place to come. With world class fishing, boating, kayaking and even trails and hiking paths from which to explore the surrounding Mojave Desert region, the Lake Mead area is about both relaxation and adventure.
Those who do come to visit generally either camp out in one of the area’s campgrounds or stay in the nearby hotels and resort areas. Planning a visit to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area is definitely all about the activities. Be prepared for some excitement!

    The lake has 290 square miles of water surface. Various types of boating are popular, including waterskiing and wakeboarding.


    Many tourists come here not just for the water but for the incredible hiking. Nearly 90% of the Lake Mead area encompasses parts of the Mojave Desert. There are breathtaking rock formations, cacti and canyons to explore. It is recommended to hike between November and March as that is when temps are more manageable.


    Without the Hoover Dam, there would be no Las Vegas. Many visitors choose to tour the Hoover Dam as part of their Lake Mead trip.


    Between the lake and the desert there are some gorgeous views to see here. Many opt to do so by bike. An extremely popular activity, biking allows you to explore the backcountry roads as well as the numerous trails interspersed throughout the Lake Mead area.

  • Lake Mead is in Las Vegas, where winters are mild. It is a little cool for many of the typical lake activities. Camping is popular in the area, but winter nights get down into the 30s. In general, winter is the slow season.

  • Spring can be a great time to visit the lake and the dam. May temps reach the upper 80s with lows in the mid-60s. This means it is great for both camping and playing in/on the lake.

  • Summer is a popular season, but it can be too hot, especially for anything that doesn't involve the water. Camping is far from ideal as the July nightly lows are often in the 80s.

  • Fall is another great time to visit. Spring and fall feel like summer in most other US locations. October remains in the 80s.