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Approximately 25 miles west of Vegas you will find the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Located in the Mojave Desert, the region is marked by large red sandstone formations, some reaching as high as 3000 ft. Known for the multitude of activities that tourists can enjoy here, Red Rock Canyon really is one of those Nevada excursions you simply can’t miss.
Of course rock climbing is huge in the canyon, as are mountain biking, hiking and even camping. With 26 numbered trails, the park provides visitors with all kinds of fascinating sights. Beyond the red rocks, you can check out the cacti, desert flora, as well as Triassic fossils. In some instances, the views go on for miles.

    The trails of Red Rock Canyon have come to be famous in their own rite. Calico Hills takes you along the Calico basin providing beautiful vistas, while Petroglyph Wall takes you by rock art that is estimated to be over 800 years old.


    Desert tortoises roam throughout the Mojave. In the park’s tortoise habitat though you have a chance to see them up close as generally they are skittish about coming out in the wild.


    There is a campground located not too far from the visitor center. This gives you a chance to sleep right in Red Rock Canyon nestled under the vast night sky. The campground is open beginning of September until the end of May. There are fees for utilizing the space.

  • Winters are cool, as parts of the park will get touches of snow. The park boasts of beautiful winter sunsets, which can cap off an afternoon visit.

  • Springs can be cool, but it is one of the best times to visit (in addition to fall). The wildflowers are blooming and the park is especially beautiful.

  • Summers are blazing hot. Temps are regularly well into the 100s. It is so hot that the campground isn't even open. Probably the worst time of year to visit the park unless you plan an early morning hike.

  • Fall is an ideal time to visit. Temps are much more moderate, while still sunny and warm.