7,700 years ago, a gigantic peak collapsed. This then eventually became what is known as Crater Lake—the deepest lake in the United States. Crater Lake National Park now draws thousands of visitors each year. From the Cascade Mountain Range, the views out over this crystalline body of water are absolutely breathtaking.
Beyond just the lake—which is enough of a sight in and of itself—the park also boasts plenty of hiking trails, gorgeous mountain scenery, and even two small islands located amid the expanse of deep blue water.

    Rim Drive encircles the lake. Along the route there are more than 30 pull offs where you can get out, breathe in the views and snap as many scenic photos as you want. Crater Lake Lodge takes you back in time; a tour is definitely worth it. While the Sinnott Memorial Overlook provides panoramic views of the lake and you can also look straight down approximately 900 feet.


    You are sure to encounter your share of indigenous wildlife while out swimming, hiking, or biking. If you stay on the lookout you may be lucky enough to spot elk, black bear, mountain lions, wolves, even a bald eagle or two.


    Summers tend to be warm and dry given the elevation. And in winters, snowfall can certainly accumulate—on average right around 500 inches per year falls. Because of all the snow, it is not unexpected for some of it to still be sticking around come June.

  • While the park is open year-round, many of the park's facilities are closed during the winter due to snow. The lake can look quite majestic after a snowstorm, but winter is generally not the best time to visit.

  • Spring can be hit and miss due to unpredictable weather.. Late spring can be good, but some of the roads don't open until June due to seasonal snow removal.

  • Summer is the peak tourism season. Daily high temps typically get to about 70 degrees. It is the dry season and weather is simply beautiful.

  • September is considered to be one of the best month's to visit. The entire park is open but you can avoid some of the summer crowd.