Given its location and topography, Gresham really grew up as a farming town. Today, its farming roots are still felt as the city thrives on local markets. However, it’s not just about the farming here. Located in proximity to the famous Mt. Hood, there is definitely a sense of adventure underlying the city.
With the Springwater Corridor (a pathway beloved by hikers and bikers alike) running right through Gresham, you can easily hop on and explore that part of the state. Gresham is also home to a number of public parks, creating some truly inviting greenspaces within city limits. Picnic or simply stroll around and enjoy the sights, sounds and relaxation of it all.

    With average summer highs in the low to mid-eighties and winters that don’t see a great deal of precipitation, the term “moderate” fits the city’s climate perfectly.

  • ARTS

    Extremely proud of its artists, the city annually hosts an Arts Festival. The entire downtown area is turned into a venue for seeing some amazing paintings, crafts and handmade goods. Accompanied by great food and music, this is a can’t-miss Gresham event.


    In both the Zimmerman House Museum and Gresham History Museum visitors can relive the city’s pioneering past. Rich in culture and abounding with artifacts, the historic places of Gresham serve to tell its story.

  • Winter is cool but fairly mild. It is the wet season, but it doesn't rain nearly as much as the coastal cities.

  • Spring is nice and the events start picking up in April. The weather if relatively dry and highs reach the upper-60s.

  • Summer is a peak time for activity with several festivals and events. The temps get to the lower-80s and it is sunny.

  • Fall is also mild through October. The weather looks a lot like spring... highs in the upper-60s and only a fair amount of rain.