The phrase “a veritable gold mine” applies. Growing up around some of the states most notable gold mines in the late 1800s, La Grande is part of Oregon’s high desert region, which means not a lot of rain, but plenty of sunshine. With a downtown that has been called “up and coming,” the city is really starting to come into its own as far as a mid state hot spot.

Given its proximity to the Cascades, the selection of outdoor activities in which to engage is virtually endless. Many in La Grande spend their free time hiking, cross country skiing, and bicycling. It is also located next to the incredibly expansive Wallowa-Whitman National Forest—you will never run out of territory to explore.

    With average annual highs of 60 and lows in the 40 degree range, the temperature does stay fairly mild. You can pretty much count on warm, dry summers given its location and elevation.


    Known as the “Hub City,” LaGrande might very well be the hub of all things art, music and film. They play host to the Eastern Oregon Film Festival, the Crossing the Blues Arts festival, and the Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra.


    You could definitely call their restaurant selection eclectic. Offerings include everything from Mexican, to Greek, to BBQ. With over 50 different establishments right in LaGrande, visitors are sure to find a venue that caters to their individual palate.

  • La Grande get a little snow in the winter, but not much. The highs are typically in the upper-30s.

  • Eastern Oregon is much dryer than the coast. The area doesn't get much rain throughout the year. By May, the daily highs push near 70.

  • Summers are warm and sunny, with highs in the mid-80s.

  • Early fall is still very pleasant, with highs in the mid-70s and little rain. By November, the weather cools all the way to highs in the mid-40s.