College Station is known for its first-class university. Texas A & M is really what gives this city its energetic vibe and active downtown life. It was at one time named the most educated city in America. And if you visit some of the museums, go to George Bush’s (41) Presidential Library and check out the city’s art and culture, you can certainly understand why.

Beyond the vibrant metropolitan areas, College Station is also known for having a few expansive parks. Wolf Pen Creek Park has its own Disc Golf Course, while the 500+ acre Lick Creek Park boasts its own wildlife center.

    One of the ten largest university systems in the nation, Texas A&M really does define the city which consequently built up around it. With military and agricultural roots, the university stresses tradition and community. The athletic side of the college is also all about tradition. The Aggies football team has won three national titles and 18 conference titles, while the men’s basketball team has appeared in the sweet 16 three times.


    In honor of the college’s elite athletic program, a museum was built to commemorate the school’s accomplishments. A virtual and interactive museum, the Hall of Champions even allows visitors to “try’ on an Aggies journey.


    Food here ranges. You can find everything from gourmet cuisine to good old burgers and fries. They are also big on the food trucks. Wayside food park is Aggieland’s first food truck park, featuring numerous regional and international foods and even live music.

  • Winters are mild with daily highs near 60 degrees.

  • If visiting in the spring, make sure to be aware of the schedule related to college graduation. Rates spike and hotels book up. April temps are near 80 degrees.

  • Summer is smoking hot with not a lot of activity. College Station is (obviously) a college town, and it thins out as students go home for the summer. Highs are in the mid-90s.

  • Fall is prime time for visiting, especially if you time your trip around an Aggies football game.