The country’s fourth largest city is a veritable melting pot of people, culture, sports, music and more. When thinking about this Southeast Texas town, many immediately think of the sports scene. With the Texans, the Astros and the Rockets, Houston really does have some world class athletics. Beyond its major league prowess, this is also a city known for art and culture. Both the renowned Theater District and Museum District draw millions every year.
The downtown itself plays host to award winning restaurants, galleries, shops and museums. Of course, visitors to this metropolitan area can also visit the Space Center—home to the famous Mission Control, the massive aquarium as well as the Bayou Place Entertainment Complex.

    In some ways, this city really is all about their sports. The Rockets have won two national championships and have recently been a fixture in the playoffs. The Texans meanwhile are gaining momentum, having only been in the NFL since 2002. And the impressive Astros were the 2017 World Series champs.


    Home to both the University of Houston and Rice University, the city definitely has a distinctive college culture. Rice is actually known for both their baseball and football teams. While the University of Houston has been in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament 20 times.

  • FOOD

    Houston is a town for foodies—without question. Featuring all-star chefs and James Beard award winning restaurants, the cuisine here is interesting, eclectic, and definitely delicious. You can find Mexican, farm-to-table, steak and seafood and everything in between.


    Very much a city that likes to celebrate, this Texas town is known for its festivals. The Bayou City Arts Festival brings in talent from all over the country, while the Texas Taco, Tequila and Margarita festival is not to be missed!

  • Houston has fairly warm winters. Winter highs are in the low-60s.

  • Spring is very nice, with highs around 80 degrees.

  • Summers are hot and humid. If visiting Houston, plan for either spring or fall.

  • September/October are great months to visit for warm weather. It is also a good season for sports with baseball playoffs and football season starting.