Sitting on the Galveston Bay, Kemah is a true gateway to water activities, to dining and shopping, and to the more “getaway” side of Houston. The area really is focused on entertaining visitors from all over the country. The heart of this region is the Kemah Boardwalk. A 35 acre strip that is part amusement park and part resort, tourists can find pretty much anything and everything they need to experience fun and relaxation right here.

This section of the Bay features some terrific beaches, as Kemah has been ranked among the top tourist destinations in the Greater Houston Area. Swim at El Jardin Beach, fish off the pier, or hop aboard the Boardwalk Beast and cruise at 40 mph out into the bay.

    Besides the rides, water and attractions, the food in Kemah is some of the best in Houston. From the acclaimed Landry’s Seafood House to venues serving up true Texas-sized steaks, you can definitely find something to satisfy your appetite.


    The Boardwalk packs a ton of entertainment and fun into a relatively small area. There’s a giant Ferris wheel, the intimidating Boardwalk Tower and a host of arcade and carnival style games. It will certainly be a day packed with activity and entertainment.


    When in Kemah, there are obviously a number of water-based activities for visitors to enjoy. Of course there’s plenty of boating and swimming. And there are actually a number of chartered tours right out of the area.

  • Winter is the off-season as temps tend to be too cool for water activities. Highs are in the low-60s.

  • By April, daily highs are pushing 80 degrees. The traffic starts to pick up, but not nearly as much as summer.

  • Summer is the busy season with highs in the 90s. It is also the wet (aka "Hurricane") season so make sure to keep an eye on the forecast.

  • Fall is less crowded with very pleasant temps, especially as the areas moves out of hurricane season. October highs are in the low-70s.