Appearing more like a series of fingers or roots than a solid body of water, Lake Powell is actually a reservoir. That however, has not stopped it from being a destination which attracts 3 million visitors a year. Sometimes labeled “America’s Lost National Park,” the lake has become a mecca for those looking for long stretches of sandy beaches from which to swim, boat or ski.
The phenomenon now known as Lake Powell actually began as the floor of Glen Canyon. In the 1950s, a dam was erected, and the canyon floors were flooded, giving rise to an amazing body of water. Because of the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake, many also come here to hike, photograph and just marvel at the natural wonder of it all.

    Boating is the primary draw to Lake Powell. And the great thing is that there are a wide range of different vessels and watercraft you can use. Houseboats are actually quite popular. You can tow your own or rent from a nearby marina. Spend the night on the lake and in the daytime enjoy all of the different activities.


    From the Hole in the Rock Hiking Trail to the West Canyon, visitors explore the Lake Powell area in order to see everything from waterfalls, to extraordinary rock formations, to even some Indian rock art. You can spend an entire week navigating the hiking trails and still not even see half of it. Tourists also flock to the area to see the Rainbow Bridge. It is the world’s longest natural bridge and is actually a national monument.


    Kanab is a fun little town where many looking to access Lake Powell often opt to stay. It got the nickname “Little Hollywood” because of the number of films partially shot here. Come to Kanab and check out their museums and parks and then head over to Lake Powell for some fun on the water.

  • Winter is the slow season as it is too cool for most boating activities. Some people enjoy the quite season.

  • Late spring can be a good time, but the weather is still cool from the winter. May highs are in the low-80s.

  • Summer is the busy tourism season. The weather is hot, the water is warm, and the bugs are non-existent. Temps can regularly get up near 100 degrees.

  • In our opinion, September is the best month of the year to visit. The summer crowds (and extremely hot weather) have turned down a bit. However, the weather and the water is still warm.