Whitewater RaftingClear Creek, CO
Cooking ClassDenver, CO
SkydivingRoyal Gorge, CO
Wine TastingBoulder, CO
Massage and FacialDenver, CO
Snowmobile TourWinter Park, CO
Craft Beer TastingSilverthorne, CO
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Before the wedding

1 Create your registry

Set up your account, add a profile picture, and select a charity to receive 5% of the sales from your registry.

2 Add great experiences

Browse through experiences. Swipe right to add to your registry.
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3 View gift tracker

On your wedding day, you’ll be able to access all of your vouchers on Gift Tracker. You’ll also be able to see who gave each gift and read their messages.

4 Redeem vouchers

Redeem your experience vouchers directly through your app, no printing required.

5 Share to social media

The VEBO app has great filters. Load your experience pictures in the app and share to Facebook or Instagram.

6 Send thank you

Send a photo and a thank you message to the guests who gave you the gift. Guests love seeing couples enjoying the experiences that they gave.
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