VEBO and Keteka Partner to Provide Great Travel Experiences

Partnership enables VEBO to provide Latin America experiences to engaged couples

DENVER, Colo., February 27, 2017 – VEBO is an experience-based wedding registry based in Denver, Colorado.    VEBO’s website is  The full press kit is available at  VEBO offers engaged couples the opportunity to register for experiences such as wine tasting, cooking classes, massages and skydiving.   VEBO is announcing a partnership with Keteka.  Keteka is the leading provider of great travel experiences in Latin America.  VEBO will now offer engaged couples Keteka’s travel experiences. VEBO Keteka Denver entrepreneur, Cody Sudmeier, is VEBO’s CEO.  Sudmeier sees a strong fit between VEBO and Keteka. “VEBO and Keteka were each founded on the idea that collecting memories is more important than collecting stuff,” said Sudmeier.  “Prior to this partnership, VEBO had not yet offered experience options in Latin America.  Our couples are excited to travel the world and this partnership gives them great experiences to enhance their travels.  The experiences include paragliding in Bolivia, touring Antarctica and coffee tasting in Colombia.” Kyle Wiggins is a co-founder and the CEO of Keteka. He sees the partnership as a perfect way to connect more couples with the best experiences in Latin America. “We feel that couples have always been more excited about their honeymoon trip than about receiving an 8-piece set of nonstick cooking pans and we’re thrilled to partner with another company that believes in creating unforgettable experiences. “Keteka” is an indigenous Panamanian word that means “to get close to.” Through this partnership, we feel that VEBO and Keteka can help more couples get closer to their destination’s culture, food, and people, and closer to one another in the process.” Keteka is a marketplace where travelers can book unique, authentic activities with validated local guides. While serving in the Peace Corps in rural Panama, the founders realized that they wanted to create a better way to connect purposeful travelers with authentic, local experiences.  Keteka’s website is While the wedding industry is still dominated by traditional retailers, alternative registries are gaining in popularity.  The majority of the alternative registries specialize in cash gifts.  VEBO is the first wedding registry exclusively dedicated to experiential gifts. About VEBO, Inc. VEBO is an experience-based wedding registry.  VEBO partners with providers throughout the states of Colorado and Washington. One of VEBO’s core values is giving.  VEBO couples select a charity to tie to their registry.  VEBO contributes 5% of the sales from the couple’s registry to the charity they have selected. Sudmeier is the Founder and CEO.  Sudmeier previously founded ATA Clothing and cofounded Agility Solutions.  Under Sudmeier’s leadership, Agility Solutions was twice recognized as Denver’s Fastest Growing Private Company. For more information, please visit Contact: Cody Sudmeier Founder and CEO 303-249-6709 # # #
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