Wedding are really expensive.  People usually focus on how much it costs the couple getting married and their parents.  However, weddings get very expensive for the bridal party as well.  Modern (and considerate) couples are finding ways to save money for some of the most important people in their lives.  Here are three impactful ways to save your bridal party money.

At most, one destination event

More and more couples are choosing travel for their weddings as well as their bachelor(ette) parties. All-in, these trips can run thousands of dollars each of your friends. If you are going to ask that your closest friends travel to celebrate, keep it to one destination event. If you have a destination wedding, do your bachelor(ette) parties locally. Also, consider your out-of-town friends will need to travel for everything. Do everything you can to be mindful of the impact on them.

Minimize the gifting from your bridal party

Perhaps not something you would expect from a blog by a wedding gifting company. We witnessed a couple recently who overtly told their wedding party “Your gift to us is everything that goes into being part of our bridal party. We are not accepting gifts from the bridal party. We ask that you honor this request and simply bless us with your presence through this memorable time of our lives.”

Additionally, consider removing the gifting from engagement and bachelor(ette) parties altogether.

Pick a wedding color and let your bridal party rock their own dresses or suits

Some of the most wasteful spending on weddings is on the bridal party attire. Groomsmen can spend hundreds on renting a tux. The same goes for bridesmaids who buy a gown that they will only wear once. Pick a color and ask the wedding party to wear a dress or a suit that fits into that color scheme. They will be more comfortable in something they pick out anyway.

What did we miss?  How else can you help keep your wedding budget friendly for your bridal party?

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