1) Your Acceptance of Terms

These terms govern the general use of the website offered by VEBO at (including any mobile, social media, and associated sites owned by Vebo, Inc.). These terms constitute a binding legal agreement in electronic form between you (“Charity”, “non-profit”, “Charitable Organization”, “you”, “your”) and Vebo, Inc., a Colorado-based corporation (“vebo”, “VEBO”, “we”, “us”, “our”). By using the site(s) and service(s), you agree to these terms.

2) Additional Agreements

In addition to the Charitable Organization – Terms and Conditions, a Charitable Organization that use VEBO site(s) and service(s) agree to the terms stated under the agreement title General Terms and Conditions.

1) Charitable Organization Account

To participate in the VEBO Gives program, a Charitable Organization must have an active account (“account”) with VEBO. Charitable Organization certifies that all information they provide is accurate and current. Charitable Organization is responsible for maintaining the security of their account login information. Charitable Organization agrees to notify VEBO immediately of any unauthorized account use or compromise of the login information. VEBO is not liable for any loss arising from Charitable Organization’s failure to appropriately manage their account. Charitable Organization will create an account on VEBO’s website. VEBO reserves the right to approve/deny account at any time and for any reason.

2) VEBO’s Promotion of Charitable Organization and License to Charitable Organization’s Content

VEBO has no obligation to promote any Charitable Organization. Charitable Organization does agree to allow VEBO to use all submitted information, pictures and other materials for marketing of any purpose. Additionally, Charitable Organization grants VEBO a non-exclusive, transferrable, and irrevocable license to use all content submitted by Charitable Organization to VEBO through Charitable Organization’s account or any other method of sending content to VEBO.

3) Payment Terms

Payment terms governing VEBO’s payment/donation to Charitable Organization are set forth in this document, unless executed under a separate written agreement. Charitable Organizations that have been approved by VEBO will be displayed on VEBO’s website(s). Registered couples are allowed to select a minimum of one Charitable Organization to receive a portion of the sales connected with the couple’s VEBO registry. VEBO will collect payment from the customers. The standard donation amount is 5% of the retail price charged on VEBO’s website. This will be the applicable donation amount unless a different amount is set forth in a separate written agreement. The donation amount will be payable from VEBO to the Charitable Organization within 90 days of the wedding couple’s stated wedding date. VEBO will only make the 5% donation on net sales for experiences that have not been refunded.

4) VEBO’s Intellectual Property

Charitable Organization acknowledges that VEBO owns all rights and property for all content on VEBO’s website(s), social media pages, applications and all other materials used by VEBO to conduct business. VEBO grants Charitable Organization the right to use VEBO’s name and images to endorse VEBO. VEBO may revoke this right at any time with or without advance notice.

5) Customer Data

Charitable Organization acknowledges that VEBO owns all data collected by VEBO through VEBO’s website(s), social media pages, applications and any other method of collecting VEBO customer data. VEBO shall not provide Charitable Organization with customer data.

6) Term and Termination

These terms are effective on the earlier date of when Charitable Organizations first access their VEBO account or formally accept the Charitable Organizations terms and conditions. VEBO may terminate these terms at any point without advanced notice. Upon termination, VEBO will pay Charitable Organization for any amounts due in accordance with this document.

7) Indemnification

By Charitable Organization – You, at your sole cost and expense, shall defend, indemnify and hold VEBO, its owners and employees, harmless from and against any third party claims, lawsuits, actions, proceedings or investigations against any expenses, fees, costs, penalties, damages, or losses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees and costs) (collectively, “Expenses”) arising out of or relating to any of the following: (a) your negligence, fraud, willful misconduct, or breach or alleged breach of these Terms; (b) any claim for state sales, use, hotel occupancy, or any other similar tax obligations (including any penalties, interest or other additions to tax) arising from the sale and subsequent redemption of a voucher; (c) to the extent applicable, any claim by any local, state or federal governmental entity for any unclaimed property regarding vouchers, including but not limited to, any claims for penalties and interest; (d) the goods and/or services provided by you, including but not limited to, any claims for false advertising, injuries, illnesses, damages, or death.

8) Limitation of Liability

VEBO’s complete liability to the Charitable Organization shall be limited to the amount of donations due as outlined in this document.

9) Brand Standards

VEBO has brand guidelines and standards to ensure that the customers receive a consistent and effective experience on our website and apps. VEBO has the right to change Charitable Organization’s page content (on VEBO’s site) by changing photos, videos, text and any other content to better fit with VEBO’s theme and strategy. In cases where VEBO makes these changes, VEBO will use content that charitable organization has published to their own website and social media sites.