1) Your Acceptance of Terms

These terms govern the general use of the website offered by VEBO at (including any mobile, social media, and associated sites owned by VEBO, inc.). These terms constitute a binding legal agreement in electronic form between you (“customer”, “purchaser”, “couple”, “experience provider”, “charitable organization”) and VEBO, Inc., a Colorado-based corporation (“VEBO”, “we”, “us”, “our”). By using the site(s) and service(s), you agree to these terms.

2) Additional Agreements

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, couples that use VEBO site(s) and service(s) agree to the terms stated under the agreement title Registered Couples – Terms and Conditions.

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, experience providers that use VEBO site(s) and service(s) agree to the terms stated under the agreement title Experience Providers – Terms and Conditions.

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, charitable organizations that use VEBO site(s) and service(s) agree to the terms stated under the agreement title Charitable Organizations – Terms and Conditions.

3) Ownership of Experience Voucher

For purchases made as gifts for registered couples, the registered couple assumes ownership immediately upon purchase.  The purchaser may not receive a refund or exchange.  For all other purchase types, the purchaser assumes ownership immediately upon purchase.

4) Returns and Exchanges

VEBO does not offer cash refunds in any scenario.  The voucher owner may exchange the gift for full credit towards other active VEBO experiences in cases where the gift is active, unredeemed, and not expired.

5) “Join Us” Vouchers and Vouchers for Personal Use

The purchaser may buy experience vouchers for personal use. This applies to the “Join Us” function as well as personal purchase options. For both of these options, the purchaser is considered the voucher owner. The purchaser may exchange the voucher for full credit towards other active VEBO experiences.

6) Expiration Dates

VEBO vouchers do not expire.  In some cases, experiences may be deactivated.  This could be a result of the the provider going out of business, provider raising rates, the experience being delisted by VEBO due to substandard reviews, or any other scenario.  In these cases, the voucher’s purchase value will be credited to the users e-wallet and can be used towards other VEBO experiences.

7) Date-Specific Vouchers

VEBO offers certain vouchers that are date-specific, including vouchers for ticketed events. In these cases, the selected date(s) will be listed on the voucher or tickets, and you can only redeem the voucher on this date. The owner is not allowed to return, reschedule or exchange vouchers for date-specific activities. If the date-specific event is rescheduled by the experience provider, the owner will have the option of keeping the voucher for the rescheduled date, or exchanging for a credit towards other active VEBO experiences. If the event is cancelled, the owner will automatically receive a credit towards other active VEBO experiences.

8) Modification of this Agreement

VEBO reserves the right at all times and under all conditions to modify or discontinue any part of this agreement as we see necessary. VEBO will notify active account owners via email within 7 days of making any material changes to this agreement. All changes will be effective immediate for new and existing users. Using VEBO’s site(s) and service(s) after any change of this agreement constitutes acceptance of the modified agreement.

9) Disputes

The couple or experience user will receive confirmation when one of their experiences has been redeemed (via email and/or through their online VEBO account). If the couple/user either a) didn’t redeem the voucher or b) believes the experience was unacceptable, the couple/user may file a dispute with VEBO within seven days of the recorded experience redemption date. VEBO’s Dispute Resolution team will review the case within 30 days. All decisions made by the Dispute Resolution team are final. In certain cases, the Dispute Resolution team may credit some or all of the value of experience to the customer’s account, to be used on other VEBO experiences. In no case shall the customer receive a cash refund for any dispute.

10) VEBO as Retailer

Experience purchasers, users, and registered couples acknowledge that VEBO is a retailer for services that are provided by other companies (Experience Providers). VEBO is simply a retail shop. Experience Provider is solely responsible for fulfilling all experience as listed and as reasonably expected. Experience Provider is solely responsible that all services provided are safe and comply with all applicable laws regarding health, safety, fire, hygiene and required insurance. In no case, shall VEBO be liable for any claims related to services provided including but not limited to, any claims for false advertising, injuries, illnesses, damages, or death.

11) Disclaimer of Liability

VEBO and its affiliates, agents, distribution partners, employees, and owners assume no liability to the safety and relative health risks of experiences.  VEBO makes no warranties, either stated or implied, regarding the safety and risks of experiences.  Users will look to individual experience partners for such responsibilities.  Users hereby releases and forever discharges VEBO and its affiliates, agents, distribution partners, employees, and owners from any and all claims, damages, losses, expenses, or other legal responsibilities related to the actions or omissions of the experience partners.  Providers may or may not have insurance coverage.

12) VEBO’s Promotion

VEBO retains the right to use all content submitted by registered couples for promotional purposes. This includes but is not limited to reviews, quotes, and pictures.

13) VEBO Ticketing

VEBO offers tickets to sports, concerts, theatre, and other events through the VEBO Ticketing platform.  All ticket purchases are final and can not be returned or exchanged.  VEBO Ticketing is a resale platform where tickets are listed by owners/brokers.  Tickets may be sold above or below face value as this is a resale marketplace.

14) Experience Cancellation

VEBO Experiences have cancellation requirements listed on the individual experience’s page.  In cases where the customer does not follow the cancellation requirements, the voucher will be considered “redeemed” and no longer active.  Customer will not be entitled to refund, exchange, or reschedule.

15) Experience Purchased on Another (Distribution Partner) Site

VEBO experiences are listed on official distribution partner sites.  If vouchers are purchased on a distribution partner site, the vouchers are transitioned to VEBO for fulfillment.  Voucher owners and purchasers agree to full terms and conditions stated on this page.  Customers may not receive any cash refund for such purchases.  The sections related to “VEBO as Retailer” and “Disclaimer of Liability” fully apply to VEBO as well as the distribution partners.